It is all about YOU!

These artworks aren't about me, the artist; they're about YOU and how they resonate with you.

My mission in sharing this art is to cultivate a serene atmosphere in your space that encourages mindfulness and presence. They serve as gentle reminders to prioritize self-care and discover moments of tranquility amidst life's hustle and bustle.

The artworks offer a visual escape with their serene lines and textures, while the interplay of light and shadow adds a unique dimension, reflecting your surroundings and guiding you on a mindful journey of self-discovery.

Incorporating fractals, which are repeating patterns with similar features, in my artworks significantly benefits mental well-being. Studies show a remarkable 60% reduction in stress levels when viewing these mesmerizing patterns. These fractals, found in nature and reflected in artistic creations like mandalas, activate relaxation centers in the brain, reducing fear and anxiety. This effect is thought to arise from a unique resonance in the eye, which is beautifully echoed in the repeating patterns of my wall sculptures. (Read more about fractals here)

Ultimately, these artworks serve as a reminder to take a deep breath, slow down, and be present in the moment.

From the Heart: Sharing My Personal Journey


I'm Sureen (pronounced like the word 'serene'), and I'm absolutely thrilled to connect with you. At my core, I'm a minimalist, a dog lover, and deeply intrigued by the mind-body connection.

Originally from South Africa and now based in Brisbane, Australia, my artistic journey began as a sanctuary amidst burnout and anxiety. Now, I'm dedicated to practicing mindfulness daily and encouraging others to take a moment to slow down, breathe deeply, and find serenity amidst the chaos. Through my art, I strive to spread positivity, make a meaningful impact, and offer a moment of calm and inspiration to those who engage with my pieces.

Drawing from my architectural background, my sculptural relief art harmonizes clean lines with textured elements, resulting in a beautifully simplistic and minimalistic aesthetic. With my art, I aim to provide a personal 'Zen' sanctuary, bringing balance and tranquility to a world often overwhelmed by stress and overstimulation. The energy and symbolism of circle shapes hold a special fascination for me, embodying a zen, meditative, and minimalistic philosophy that captures the essence of flowing energy and wholeness. And yes, I'm a bit obsessed with the moon! 🌙

Together, let's seize each moment and make a positive impact through art and positivity.

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What are customers saying?

  • 'I have received the artwork and it is perfect! Thank you - we love it!' - Susanna, Sydney, NSW

  • 'I love it!!! Very beautiful. Thank you! X ' - Pauline, London, UK

  • 'The art is definitely adding calmness and serenity to our home.  It's a great piece to contemplate and meditate on. Many thanks for sharing your talent with the world and we'll treasure this piece always!' - Ann, Santa Monica, USA

  • 'It's glorious and thank you so much! - Suellen, NSW

Why do you make art?

My art serves as my peaceful sanctuary - when I craft my creations, I find clarity of mind. It's akin to a meditation process, providing me with a profound sense of serenity and concentration. In a world filled with stress and constant stimuli, it's increasingly challenging to discover moments of tranquility and relaxation in my life. My art is centered on achieving equilibrium, unity, and a feeling of tranquility through a minimalist approach. My ultimate aim is to recreate this 'Zen' sensation for individuals who, like me, grapple with anxiety and the demands of daily life. Through my artworks, I aspire to guide the audience inwards, allowing them to "reset" their thoughts, much like meditation does. I hope that my art can help people unwind from their frenzied routines, fostering resilience, productivity, serenity, and overall happiness, while also reminding them to slow down and take a breath.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in the circular shapes and the dynamic energy they hold. In my creations, circles symbolize completeness, harmony, and the continuous flow of energy. My art reflects a Zen-like, meditative, and simplistic philosophy. And I must admit, I have a bit of an obsession with the moon! 🌙

How did you first get interested in your medium? 

As an artist, my work is an extension of my background in architecture. Like designing buildings, my creations involve transforming 2D drawings into 3D pieces. This process requires a focus on composition, lines, and forms.

What is the process of making a wall sculpture?

I use my architectural skills to design on a computer, starting with simple line drawings and then creating a 3D model. I keep refining the design until I'm satisfied. Then, I make patterns for all the different layers and parts. After that, I use a laser to cut it from MDF, put the pieces together like a puzzle, and glue them. Finally, I add textured paint and a matte acrylic coating. These unique textures give each artwork its own character. The clean lines of the design, mixed with the rough textures, give my pieces a simple and imperfect beauty, known as 'wabi-sabi'.

What draws you to your specific colour palette?

I use soft, single colours to create a calm background for the flowing lines in my work. This makes it feel soothing and not too busy. It also gives it a timeless quality. I'm really interested in how light and shadow play together and how they affect how my 3D pieces look. Because I use only one colour, you pay more attention to the shadows made by the different shapes and how they're arranged. The art looks different depending on how the light changes around it.

Where is your work available?

  • Engold (Melbourne Showroom)
  • Saatchi Art
  • The Artling
  • Art Lovers Australia

Educational background, exhibitions, and commissions


Master's Degree in Interior Architecture (University of Pretoria, South Africa)


- Denfair Melbourne 2022
- The Other Art Fair Melbourne 2022
- 'Duality' - Markian, Brisbane 2022


- Union Art & Design: Doha, Qatar: Hotel (2021)
- The Artling: Capella Hotel Sydney - Spa Entrance ('Full Moon') 2023
- Curatorial & Co: Rydges Hotel Melbourne Entrance Foyer 2023